Jan 9



Your body has two sources of fuel, it can be fueled by sugar/carbs or fats. When your body is depleted of Glucose your body the liver then converts fats to ketones for energy. This is called ketosis. To reach a state of ketosis you must takle all simple sugars and carbs out of your nutrition plan. Your man focus will be lean meats, fish, eggs, vegetables and natural fats such as butter. As you can see this nutrion plan makes your body a fat burning machine. You will even burn more calories at rest. On a keto diet uou do not have to count your calories or restrict your amount of eating. Naturally this diet will increase your energy, decrease your appetite, and curb sugar cravings. Keto is not for everyone. If you have any specific questions or have interest in a meal plan, our online personal training comes with meal plans check out the link: https://www.trainerize.me/profile/cm1/Jamie.Montgomery

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